• Designing legal and financial structures for buying, selling, investing in and managing real estate projects.
  • Consultation service for property developers from the promotion and building stage through to preparing and negotiating contracts of sale or lease. Advice concerning surface rights and buying real estate projects:

  1. Legal due diligence (also environmental and urban due diligence).
  2. Purchase and sale of land.
  3. Contracts for purchasing and selling real estate projects.
  4. Advice on legal matters related to urban nature and the environment
  5. Building contracts, architectural contracts and project management.
  6. Liability of those involved in the building process.
  7. Financing.
  8. Ownership, leasing and management of assets.
  • Acquiring and selling real estate project promotions for public and private investors, real estate funds and end users.
  • Contracts for financing the promotion and purchase or sale of real estate projects.
  • Monitoring, refinancing, restructuring and execution of guarantees.