• Preparation and processing of urban and land use spatial planning tools:

  1. General development plans: general plans and spatial planning for municipal urban areas.
  2. Derivative development plans: partial plans, plans for urban renewal and special plans.

• Preparation and processing of urban management tools:

  1. Equitable distribution (reparcelling, compensation, etc.).
  2. Expropriation (joint and separate appraisal).
  3. Creating and advising compensation boards and other entities associated with urban development (co-operation, maintenance).

• Urban development agreements: negotiating, drafting and processing urban development agreements and management agreements.

• Urban development agents: drafting and processing integrated and urban action plans.
• Processing urban permits and licenses:

  1. Advice on processing specific licenses and permits (authorisation for rural land, commercial licenses, tourist permits, etc.).
  2. Advice on processing municipal urban licenses (building permission, business permits, access permits and permits to use municipal property).

• Executing real estate projects (urban due diligence):

  1. Analysis of urban land affected.
  2. Initial and ongoing control of administrative processes for urban transformation.
  3. Verification of required permits and licenses.
  4. Analysis of compliance with sector-specific legislation.
  5. Verification of the existence of procedures to re-establish legality and sanctioning procedures.
  6. Advice on urban legality protection, closure orders and sanctions.

• Drafting legislative texts and legal opinions.

• Administrative and contentious legal proceedings related to the approval of spatial planning tools and urban management tools, the denial of licenses and the imposition of sanctions.